Virtual Tours | Benefits of a virtual tour for your business

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours | Benefits of a virtual tour for…

Virtual Tours have a number of advantages for your website and your search engine rankings…

  • Customers stay on websites with Virtual Tours for 5-10 times longer than those without.
  • It allows you to display your products, services, and locations in a manner that images and videos cannot.
  • Traditional real estate listings receive 80-85 percent more views than listings featuring a virtual tour.
  • Your site will have a lower bounce rate, more visitors, and better search engine results as a result of using virtual tours.
  • When a business has a Virtual Tour featured on Google, Google prefers 360 photos versus flat photography.
  • Your company will stand out from the crowd with a virtual tour.
  • You can highlight the key features of your business to increase sales.

Application of Virtual Tours

Real Estate

In the real estate industry, the two basic types of tours are interactive floor plans and highly engaging virtual tours. The virtual tour real estate properties are usually cost more than the floor plans since you need to hire a professional photographer, use high-end equipment, and employ specialized software for them.

Virtual Walks

Virtual Walks are motion picture documentaries that are shot continuously while moving forward through an urban or natural area. The effect allows the audience to experience the sights and sounds as if they are actually traveling that area without the use of VR headsets or goggles. One of the examples for virtual walks can be seen here: Virtual Tour for Albi Mall


Hotels increasingly add online tours to their websites to offer an immersive visualization of their property and amenities. The tours can range from high-quality 360-degree stitched photos to professionally crafted video tours.

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